Terms & Conditions


The following meanings:

  1. The ‘owner’ means Baby Gear Hire Ltd.
  2. The ‘renter’ means The person whom signed this form or who’s details are filled out on the application/booking form from our website.
  3. The ‘goods’ means any item listed on this form or in the booking sheet from our website.
  4. GST means Goods and Services Tax.

The Renter agrees:

  1. The renter is the person named on this form or on the booking sheet from our website.
  2. The renter is over the age of 18 years.
  3. Under no circumstances may the renter give whether for money or not, goods from this agreement to any other children other than those in their care during the hire period.
  4. The renter must check all goods immediately upon arrival and must contact the owner immediately to notify them of any damage or missing goods on this agreement.
  5. During the hire period the renter must advise the owner of any damaged/lost or stolen goods and where appropriate contact the local police department and file a theft report.
  6. The renter must not undertake any repair on their or our behalf to the goods.
  7. The renter agrees to pay for damage or loss of any goods in this form/booking sheet.
  8. The renter agrees to use the goods in a cautious and prudent manner.
  9. The renter agrees to use and operate the goods for its intended use and as per the instructions and manufacturers guidelines.
  10. The renter must not use the goods for any illegal purpose or when the goods are in any way damaged or unsafe.
  11. The renter must return the goods clean and agrees that failure to do so will be charged or not have bond refunded.

The Owner:

  1. The owner agrees to provide copies of manufacturers guidelines/instructions for each good where applicable.
  2. To deliver the goods in a clean and good working condition.
  3. The owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the renter or any other persons arising out of the use or operation of the goods including that cause of negligence or default of the owner.
  4. The owner shall not be liable for any injury or death cause from the use of the goods hired.
  5. The owner may take at any time for any reason possession of the goods.
  6. The owner agrees to refund any bond paid only after all goods are returned to Baby Gear Hire Ltd in a clean and good working condition, fair wear and tear expected.